3D Printing Industry Map

3D Printing Industry Map

Proof Point

3D printing industry composed of printer and scanner manufacturers, material suppliers, software providers, community platforms, marketplaces and professional services

3D Printing Industry Map

Proof Point Findings

  • Device Manufacturers – 3D printers for consumer, commercial and industrial use
    • 3D Systems, Wasp 3D, RepRap, Stratasys, GE Additive, Hewlett-Packard, ExOne, Concept Laser, Voxeljet, Formlabs, Prusa Printers, LulzBot
  • Materials – 3D printing filaments, such as metals, nylon, plastic, silicon, wax and polycarbonate
    • Fillamentum, Stratasys, 3D-Fuel, 3Ddirect, Atomic Filament, Sculpteo, MatterHackers, ColorFabb, 3D-Filaments.com, 3D FilaPrint, 3D Prima, Makerbot, Faberdashery, Proto-Pasta, Formfutura
  • Scanners – Analyzes and translates real-world object characteristics (e.g. shape, texture, and composition) into digital format
    • FARO, Fuel3D, Ametek, Shining 3D, Hewlett-Packard, TopCon, Maptek, Artec 3D, Trimble, Leica Geosystems, Surphaser, 3D Digital Corp, Metrologic Instruments, NextEngine, Steinbichler, ShapeGrabber
  • Design Software – Develops 3D models, either from scratch or using scanned objects

    • Autodesk, SolidWorks, Sculpteo, Onshape, Blender Foundation, SketchUp, Lagoa, 3DSlash, FreeCAD, Pixologic, MeshMixer, Tinkercad
  • Slicing Software – Slices 3D models into layers, format readable by 3D printers
    • Printr, Simplify3D, Ultimaker, CraftUnique, Netfabb, Slic3r, OctoPrint, 3D Control Systems
  • Collaboration Platforms – Online communities where users collaborate to make 3D models, share designs, and learn best practices
    • Local Motors, Ultimaker, GrabCAD, Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, Siemens, Modelo, 3YOURMIND
  • Marketplaces – Platforms that enable 3D printing users to sell their 3D models and finished products to market
    • 3DExport, Cults, Sketchfab, TurboSquid, Thingiverse, i.materialise, 3D Industri.es, Kraftwürx, 123D Gallery, CGTrader, Shapeways, 3D Burrito, GrabCAD, Cad Crowd, GitHub, Instructables, Azavy
  • Services – Companies offering ideation and production services leveraging 3D printing technologies, useful for prototyping and small- to mid-scale product deployment
    • Materialise, doob™, Sculpteo, Shapeways, 3D Creation Lab, 3D Hubs, Makexyz, Ponoko



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January 12, 2018

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