EV and AV – Key Drivers and Barriers

EV and AV – Key Drivers and Barriers

Proof Point

Regulatory support, AI and battery advancements, increased competition, and better performance driving EV and AV adoption

EV and AV – Key Drivers and Barriers

Proof Point Findings

Key Drivers

  • Regulatory support – Government incentives, funding, tax breaks, and policies
  • AI applications – AI driving innovation of mapping tools, LiDAR sensors and driving algorithms
  • Battery Technology Improvement – Breakthroughs in solid-state battery cell and fast-charging stations
  • Increased Competition – Intensified race to launch first fully-autonomous vehicles in market
  • Better Performance – AV and EVs more powerful engines, higher efficiency and lower maintenance

Top Barriers

  • High EV Acquisition Cost – Requires higher initial acquisition cost compared to ICE vehicles
  • Nascent EV and AV Infrastructure – Lacks infrastructure to fully optimize and support use of EVs and AVs
  • AV Security Concerns – Consumer and regulatory concern on road safety and threat of cyberattacks



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Date Last Updated

October 23, 2017

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