Consulting firm Accenture will now sell SynOps, automation software that helped it to automate 40,000 jobs

February 4, 2019

  • Automation Software – Global consulting firm Accenture developed robotic process automation (RPA) called SynOps software that recommends ways on how businesses can streamline and automate processes in areas such as finance, accounting, marketing, and procurement
  • Retrained Workers – In five years since software’s development, Accenture retrained affected workers for other jobs, with software able to automate routine tasks previously outsourced to low-wage countries (e.g. data entry and customer service)
  • Increased Employment – Employment increased from 425,000 people in 2017 to 469,000, though software had already automated 40,000 jobs internally
  • Commercial Launch – Announced it will begin selling SynOps to enterprise customers, with 100 Accenture clients already using system for procurement, 20 trialing finance product, and five piloting marketing offering
  • Capabilities – Software can take order, generate an invoice, check invoice with contract, correct errors, send e-mail to customers, benchmark against other companies in same industry, and automate tasks depending on factors, such as confidence in predictions

Image Source: Accenture Newsroom

Image Source: Accenture Newsroom

Market Disruption: Technology Unemployment
Business Model and Practices: Data, Interfaces and Algorithms
Sector: Information Technology
Functions: Accounting and Finance, Customer Experience and Service, Operations, Manufacturing and Production, Marketing and Business Development
Organization: Accenture plc

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