Workloads Supported by Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services

Workloads Supported by Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services

Proof Point

Spiceworks IT survey found respondents more likely to utilize cloud-based infrastructure services for managing internal processes than customer engagements in 2017

Workloads Supported by Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services

2017 (percentage)

Note: Data from Spicework’s 2018 State of IT survey of more than 1000 IT buyers (i.e. companies searching for solutions, with main objective of purchasing, deploying and maintaining technology in market) across North America and Europe

Proof Point Findings

  • Cloud-Based Internal Processes – Communications and collaboration (42%), backup or disaster recovery (41%) and productivity apps (29%) identified by respondents as most common workloads supported by cloud infrastructure in 2017, with plans to further increase utility by 37%, 35% and 30% by 2018, respectively
  • Less Focus on Customer-Facing Functions – Customer engagement tools, such as digital marketing and general company website management (28%), customer relationship management (CRM) systems (23%), and eCommerce (19%), less likely managed using cloud infrastructure in 2017
  • Rapidly Increasing Usage – Supply chain management (14%) and high-performance computing (13%) expected to increasingly be performed through cloud services by 2018, exceeding use in 2017
  • Key Growth Drivers – Includes growing demand for cloud solutions, proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure services, and rapidly advancing remote technologies



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February 26, 2018

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