Top Drivers of Moving Workloads To Cloud

Top Drivers of Moving Workloads To Cloud

Proof Point

Increased data accessibility, recovery capabilities, and flexibility, as well as reduced support burden identified as top drivers to move business workloads to cloud, according to Spiceworks IT survey

Top Drivers of Moving Workloads To Cloud

2017 (percentage)

Note: Data from Spicework’s 2018 State of IT survey of more than 1000 IT buyers (i.e. companies searching for solutions, with main objective of purchasing, deploying and maintaining technology in market) across North America and Europe

Proof Point Findings

  • Remote Access Priority – More than 40% of IT companies surveyed in North America and Europe identified access to data anywhere as top reason for moving workloads to cloud, followed by enhancing recovery capabilities (38%) and having better flexibility and scalability (37%)
  • Labor and Cost Reduction – Companies also looking to reduce support burden on IT staff (36%) and capital expenditures (28%)
  • Key Growth Drivers – Includes growing demand for cloud solutions, proliferation of cloud-based infrastructure services, and rapidly advancing remote technologies


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