U.S. Freelancers by Age Group

Proof Point

More Millennials and Generation Z workers are freelancers compared to other age groups in United States in 2018, according to Upwork study

U.S. Freelancers by Age Group

2018 (percentage of population)

Proof Point Findings

  • Generation Z and Millennials – Generation Z and Millennials are individuals between ages 18-34 in 2017
  • Freelance Participation – 42% of Generation Z (aged 18-21 years old) and Millennials (aged 22-34 years old) were employed as freelancers in the U.S. during 2018, highest among older cohorts
  • Younger Generation Disposition – More optimistic on future of freelance market, often preferring jobs with greater flexibility, variability positive social impact
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include proliferation of cloud-based freelance platforms (e.g. Upwork, Fiverr, 99 Designs) and crowd-based apps (e.g. Uber, YourMechanic, uShip), increasing reliance of companies on external talent, intangible freelancing benefits (e.g. better time management, location flexibility, work variety and creative freedom), and rising number of younger generation members entering workforce


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March 26, 2019

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