U.S. Consumer Electronics Recycled by Manufacturers

U.S. Consumer Electronics Recycled by Manufacturers

Proof Point

CTA reports consumer electronics recycled by manufacturers in U.S. grew 18% annually between 2009 and 2016, averaging more than 600 million pounds over last four years

U.S. Consumer Electronics Recycled by Manufacturers

2010 – 2016 (million pounds)

Proof Point Findings

  • Steady Growth in Recycled E-Waste – Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reports 630 million pounds of consumer electronics were recycled by manufacturers in 2016, an annual growth of 17.8%, from 200 million pounds collected in 2009
  • 2009-2012 Growth Catalysts – Include CTA’s aggressive consumer outreach program since 2010, establishment of eCycling Leadership Initiative in 2011 which increased ecosystem collaboration to minimize industry’s environmental impact, and foundation of National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship in 2011, which provides framework for sustainable design, purchase, and disposal of consumer electronics
  • 2015 Peak – Electronic waste recycled by industry reached peak of 700 million pounds in 2015 but dropped in 2016 due to consumer electronics becoming more materially efficient since 2000s, resulting in less recycled e-waste weight
  • One Billion Pound Goal – CTA had set goal to reach one billion pounds of e-waste recycled per year by 2016, but fell short of expectations
  • Key Drivers – Include introduction of more recyclable materials, downsizing of consumer electronics, maturing state of recycling programs, increased ecosystem collaboration, and growing pressure from consumers and institutions to reduce environmental impact



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