Top 3D Printing Benefits Over Next Five Years

Top 3D Printing Benefits over Next Five Years

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EY survey found competitive advantage, new business models, and stronger internal systems top expected benefits of 3D printing by 2021

Top 3D Printing Benefits Over Next Five Years

2016 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on Ernst & Young’s 2016 3D Printing Global Survey covering 900 companies from 12 countries and nine industries

Proof Point Findings

  • 3D Printing – Use of additive techniques to create physical objects from digital models
  • Competitive Advantage – One quarter of companies surveyed by EY think 3D printing will help boost competitive advantage
  • New Business Models – 14% of respondents believe 3D printing will lead to creation of new business models
  • Stronger Internal Systems – 3D printing also expected to strengthen internal systems, such as in-house value creation processes (14%) and supply chain and operations (12%), as well as facilitate in-sourcing (5%)
  • Key Drivers – Include increasing awareness of 3D printing benefits (e.g. customization, convenience, and efficiency improvements), rapidly-advancing 3D printing technologies, discovery of new compatible materials or inks, lower device and material cost, and improving 3D printing applications expertise





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August 14, 2017

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