Selected Third-Party Assets Available to Startups

Selected Third-Party Assets Available to Startups

Proof Point

Startups increasingly leverage third-party assets to improve productivity, lower costs, and focus on more critical tasks

Selected Third-Party Assets Available to Startups

Proof Point Findings

  • Co-Working Spaces – Providing place to work through subscription services rather than long-term rental agreements
  • Markerspaces – Accessing best-in-class tools, equipments and training useful for product development or prototyping
  • Cloud Servers – Eliminating need to build high-cost, dedicated IT servers in favor of offsite infrastructure managed by cloud hosting providers
  • Logistics – Outsourcing delivery of products to shipping companies rather than building own delivery system
  • Freelancers – Enabling on-demand mobilization of experts in different fields as part of external team
  • Ideation – Tapping community of customers to generate new product ideas and find solutions to existing problems
  • Productivity apps – Empowering teams to work more effectively and efficiently through cloud-based platforms, such as collaboration tools, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, knowledge management systems (KMS), and office suites

Market Disruption

Business Model and Practices

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April 24, 2017

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