Disruptive Blockchain Applications in Selected Industries (2 of 2)

Disruptive Blockchain Applications in Selected Industries (2 of 2)

Proof Point

Companies exploring blockchain applications in various industries to improve transparency, increase efficiency, enhance security, remove intermediaries, and enable new business models

Disruptive Blockchain Applications in Selected Industries (2 of 2)

Proof Point Findings

  • Government – Eliminates bureaucratic red tape and other process inefficiencies, making government transactions and delivery of public services, such as elections, social work, and accreditations, more transparent and efficient
  • Personal – Increases protection of personally identifiable and private information, lowering risks of identity theft and other related breaches through private digital signatures or keys
  • Human Resources – Enables verification of employee credentials (e.g. degrees, certifications, employment history, previous compensation and benefits) and facilitates payroll processing for international and remote workers
  • Media and Content – Connects content creators directly with consumers, ensures creators get compensated appropriately for work, and prevents illegal content use, such as piracy and copyright infringements
  • Sharing Economy – Removes need for resource aggregators and intermediaries, such as transportation network companies, online marketplaces, and freelance platforms, as operation activities and management can be coordinated through decentralized peer-to-peer networks
  • Internet-of-Things – Handles increasing volume of data collected from exponentially growing number of connected devices and addresses identification, verification, and security issues related to centralized management of IoT data exchange


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April 24, 2017

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