Selected Internet-of-Things (IoT) Commercial Applications

Proof Point

Internet-of-Things applications used commercially for asset management, energy optimization, data gathering, security enhancements, disaster control, and remote operations

Selected Internet-of-Things (IoT) Commercial Applications

Proof Point Findings

  • Utilities – Capacity and consumption monitoring, grid integration and distribution, and system optimization
  • Transportation – Traffic monitoring, smart roads, networked transportation systems, vehicle security enhancements, and accident prevention
  • Public Infrastructure – Infrastructure security and health monitoring, intelligent lighting, internet connectivity hotspots, waste management, and emergency situation response
  • Environment – Climate monitoring, natural disaster forecast and prevention, pollution control
  • Logistics – Location tracking, quality preservation, storage capacity optimization, delivery fleet tracking
  • Agriculture – Smart irrigation, environmental control, weather forecasting, animal tracking
  • Health – Remote observation, patient and personnel tracking, medical data gathering, patient experience enhancements, medical devices maintenance
  • Industrial – Machine-to-machine connections, energy optimization, environmental control, process automation, infrastructure monitoring and management, product quality control





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March 31, 2017

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