Selected Internet-of-Things (IoT) Consumer Applications

Proof Point

Consumer Internet-of-Things applications increasingly used to enhance home security, control home devices, acquire information, and access cloud services

Selected Internet-of-Things (IoT) Consumer Applications

Proof Point Findings

  • Home Security – Surveillance and alarm systems, preventing intrusions and other security-related incidences
  • Personal Assistants – Virtual assistants powered by AI, aiding in completion of personal tasks, such as dinner reservations, weather and news updates, meeting reminders, etc.
  • Smart Appliances – Centralized and automated control of home appliances using mobile devices, enhancing functionalities and improving energy efficiency
  • Connected Cars – Smart vehicles with embedded sensors and Internet connectivity, expanding and enhancing functionalities including remote access, maintenance, and navigation
  • Healthcare and Wellness – On-demand health and wellness monitoring as well as accessing personal records and services using wearable devices
  • Media and Entertainment – Internet-connect media devices, such as TV and radios, enabling on-demand streaming, browsing, and algorithm-based playlists
  • Location tracking – Sensors embedded on non-smart objects to easily track location



Date Last Updated

March 30, 2017

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