Six Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

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Gain insights by measuring how customers adopt and use products

Six Ways to Gather Customer Feedback

Proof Point Findings

  • Customer Surveys – Seek ongoing customer feedback by combining high-tech (in-app, automated) and high-touch (in-depth, personal) survey techniques, gaining insights on metrics such as Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Effort
  • A/B Split Tests – Measure viability of new or enhanced products before release by conducting controlled experimentations
  • Third-Party Customer Analytics – Access customer panels and large volumes of readily-available customer data through third-party firms to gather insights on how to customize offerings, attract customer attention, and build loyalty
  • Web and App Analytics – Understand customer behavior as they visit your website, purchase your offerings, or use your web-based products or services, to determine which features work and which can be improved, as well as gain insights on customer retention and churn
  • Social Media Analytics – Leverage social media platforms to build online community, attract user engagement, and listen to what customers are saying about you and your brand
  • Dedicated Helpdesk – Maintain responsive helpdesk on your website to gather customer feedback and attend to issues in near real-time, and use identified pain points to improve features and overall experience

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