Selected Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry Examples

Selected Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry Examples

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Huge variety of core, functional and industry-specific AI applications are increasingly being deployed across industries

Selected Artificial Intelligence (AI) Industry Examples

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  • Natural language processing – Understands and analyzes natural human language through voice or text, evolving human interaction with applications
  • Computer vision – Comprehends, processes, and draws insights from visual content, such as images, videos, camera views, and multi-dimensional photos
  • Speech recognition – Recognizes, understands, and translates spoken words into machine-readable format for processing commands
  • Framework and infrastructure – Provides computing and big data infrastructure, as well as frameworks, for building intelligent applications


  • Software development kit – Enables developers to create AI applications for dedicated platforms
  • AI-as-a-Service – Provides AI capabilities without building tools, infrastructure, and expertise in-house
  • API service – Integrates AI features into applications rather than developing or training own models
  • Customer relationship management system – Allows users to analyze customer data, useful in generating insights and improving customer relationships

Business Intelligence

  • Data analytics – Allows users to prepare, analyze, model, and predict data using AI technology
  • Visualization – Enables users to visualize data and glean insights from data through graphical representation and analysis
  • News curation – Reports significant events in various areas, such as news, finance, public sector, and corporate security

Smart Robots

  • Industrial robot – Automates tasks such as welding, painting, assembly, picking, packaging and labeling, palletizing, product inspection, and testing
  • DIY robot – Allows individuals to build or assemble own robots without complex coding or programming required
  • Social robot – Interacts and communicates with humans

Virtual Assistants

  • Chatbots – Carries conversation with humans to answer inquiries, automate tasks, and more
  • Language translation – Translates text or speech from one language to another
  • Customer service – Engages customers by answering queries about products and services as well as performing basic servicing tasks


  • Workflow automation – Automates workflow tasks involving people, processes, and content
  • Energy monitoring – Enables users to monitor, analyze and predict energy use to save on costs
  • Repair and maintenance – Alerts owners when assets need repair and maintenance, while able to diagnose and resolve malfunction problems

Recommendation Engines

  • Item suggestion – Provides online recommendation system for products, such as movies, music and restaurants, serving e-commerce and streaming sites
  • Content curation – Offers discovery tool that curates recommended movies and music based on data from user’s past purchases, trending content, online behavior and more
  • Upselling – Augments e-commerce services by automating upselling users to recommended products and services


  • Threat prediction – Predicts and prevents advanced cybersecurity threats and malware attacks
  • Fraud prevention – Supports fraud detection initiatives and prevents online abuse, such as automatic blocking of fraudulent orders and forced takeover of accounts
  • User authentication – Provides identity and access management solutions, including biometrics, for civil government, criminal justice and defense, and commercial industries


  • Precision medicine – Uses AI and data analytics to personalize treatment for patients
  • Diagnostic tool – Diagnoses person’s condition, syndrome or disorder through image analysis using deep learning techniques
  • Virtual consultation – Conducts medical or clinical checkups through digital means, such as mobile devices, with real professionals or AI assistants

Financial Services

  • Robo-investment advisor – Acts as financial advisor giving advice or managing investment portfolio, with little human intervention
  • Credit evaluation – Analyzes credit standing of individuals based on data to determine eligibility for loans


  • Quality control – Checks factory defects with high accuracy through machine vision
  • Object identification and scanning – Automates barcode reading and verification
  • Picking and palletizing – Automates picking of objects and sorting them in pallets in manufacturing facilities


  • Autonomous driving – Enables vehicle capability to sense environment and navigate without human input
  • Smart dashcam – Detects and alerts drivers of potential dangers on roads
  • Connected car interface – Controls infotainment system and provides information through voice



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