Global Renewable Energy Patents

Global Renewable Energy Patents

Proof Point

Renewable energy patents filed worldwide grew 18.7% per year from 103,625 in 2006 to 575,323 in 2016, with more than half from solar

Global Renewable Energy Patents

2006 – 2016 (thousands)

Proof Point Findings

  • Renewable Energy Patents – Cumulative number of patents filed for renewable energy technologies worldwide
  • Growth in Patents – Renewable energy patent applications continuously grew at annual rate of 18.7% in 10 years, from 103,625 patents in 2006 to 575,323 patents in 2016
  • Majority Solar – Solar energy comprised more than half of all renewable energy patent applications worldwide, dominated by solar photovoltaics, followed by solar thermal and hybrid technologies
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increased government policy support, such as tariffs, tax incentives, and greater clean energy requirements, continuous investments in research and development, increasing preference for renewable energy sources, higher electricity prices, and lower entry barriers for new competition


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December 23, 2017

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