3D Printing Trends and Potential Challenges

3D Printing Trends and Challenges

Proof Point

3D printing poses new challenges to businesses, such as DIY manufacturing, increased energy consumption, lack of ability to protect IP, and unregulated manufacturing

3D Printing Trends and Potential Challenges

Proof Point Findings

  • DIY manufacturing – Allows consumers to print products leveraging community-made designs, reducing demand for some manufactured products
  • Intellectual Property Breaches – Enables digital designs to be shared seamlessly, compromising intellectual properties of manufactured products
  • Increased energy consumption – Utilizes more energy than traditional manufacturing processes, increasing energy demand, especially at industrial scale
  • Unregulated production – Offers freedom to easily create regulated products, such as guns, drugs, and food, undermining safety and quality of regulated products



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September 12, 2017

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