DNA testing firm FamilyTreeDNA granted Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) access to DNA database of more than one million people to help solve violent crimes

February 11, 2019

  • Law Enforcement Participation – DNA testing company FamilyTreeDNA confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is giving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) access to its genealogy database for solving violent crimes, such as homicide or rape
  • Scope of DNA Database – Genealogy database includes genetic profiles of over one million people
  • Limited Searches – FBI searching for DNA matches similar to user using FamilyTreeDNA’s database to search for kin or relative, with law enforcer needing warrant if more information is required
  • Privacy Concerns – Some genealogists expressed privacy concerns over giving FBI access to DNA database

Image Source: Family Tree DNA

Image Source: Family Tree DNA

Market Disruption: Privacy and Security
Sectors: Government (excluding military), Healthcare/Health Sciences, Military and Security
Organization: Gene by Gene Ltd.

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