Types of Businesses Consumers Trust Most

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PwC study found U.S. consumers trust hospitals, banks and healthcare providers twice as much as IT, professional services and pharmaceuticals firms

Types of Businesses Consumers Trust Most

2017 (percentage of U.S. respondents)

Note: Data based on PwC's consumer survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, age 18 and above. Question: Which of the following industries or company types are the most trustworthy? Choose top five.

Proof Point Findings

  • Healthcare/Health Sciences – U.S. consumers generally trust hospitals (42%) and healthcare providers (39%) but only few trust pharmaceutical companies (16%) and professional services firms (17%), according to PwC survey
  • Financial Organizations – Many respondents also trust banks (42%), with less trusting insurance companies (26%)
  • Information Technology – Only two in ten U.S. consumers trust information technology firms, such as Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing volume and value of consumer data, growing number of data privacy breaches and related incidences, and intensifying competition to provide personalized service and experience

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