Dell announced new digital board for workplace collaboration with multi-touch technology and sharp 4K display

January 31, 2019

  • Digital Board – Dell introduced new 75-inch digital board called Dell 75 4K Interactive Touch Monitor (C7520QT) that enables enterprise users to collaborate
  • Multi-Touch – Can handle multiple input from fingers, palms, and styluses with 20-simultaneous touch capability
  • Crisp Display – IPS (in-plane switching) technology enables display to maintain sharp visuals and vivid colors with optimized font and wide viewing angle
  • Screen Drop – Buttons in side of panel enables user to adjust display to three height settings
  • Availability – Available for $6,000 in spring 2019, with Flat Frog Whiteboard collaboration software included

Image Source: Dell Blog

Image Source: Dell Blog

Accelerator: PCs and Consoles
Business Model and Practices: Collaboration Platforms
Sector: Information Technology
Function: Cross-Function
Organization: Dell

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