Aerospace firm Boeing and artificial intelligence provider SparkCognition will launch SkyGrid, new company that will develop software platform for airspace management of autonomous aircraft

December 6, 2018

  • Airspace Management Platform – Aerospace company Boeing and artificial intelligence firm SparkCognition to launch new venture SkyGrid, which will develop software platform that will facilitate safe, secure integration of autonomous cargo and passenger air vehicles into airspace
  • Technologies – Will combine aviation and security expertise with artificial intelligence and blockchain
  • Aircraft Support – Will support not only traffic management of drones, but also package delivery, remote sensing, industrial inspections, and emergency assistance
  • Government Inclusion – Plans to consult with regulatory bodies worldwide to ensure platform meets standards for safe airspace operations
  • Partnerships – Currently working with undisclosed partners on platform's potential use cases

Image Source: PR Newswire


Image Source: PR Newswire

Market Disruption: Innovation Partnerships
Business Model and Practices: Innovative Partnerships
Sectors: Information Technology, Transportation and Logistics
Organizations: Boeing Co., SparkCognition

Original Publication Date: November 20, 2018

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