3D printing firm Local Motors will test 3D printed electric autonomous shuttles, named Olli, at California State University–Sacramento for three months

March 12, 2019

  • 3D Printed Shuttles – Local Motors to trial 3D printed electric autonomous shuttles, called Olli, for 90 days at California State University–Sacramento, California, U.S.
  • Autonomous – Equipped with lidar sensor, radar, cameras, and global positioning system (GPS) maps to navigate around campus in pre-determined route and stop at obstacles
  • Electric-Powered – Has range of 35 miles and takes about one hour to charge
  • Human Assistance – Human attendant will be present during ride with emergency brake for safety
  • Part of Challenge – University won in Olli Fleet Challenge organized by Local Motors in 2018 that aims to propose use cases for Olli
  • Insight Development – Some students will gain more hands-on experience in developing and upgrading Olli, as well as analyzing popularity and user experience of autonomous vehicles

Image Source: Local Motors

Image Source: Local Motors

Sectors: Education, Transportation and Logistics
Organizations: Local Motors, California State University - Sacramento (Sacramento State)

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