U.S. Consumer Preference for Drone-Delivered Products

U.S. Consumer Preference for Drone-Delivered Products

Proof Point

Clothes and apparel tops U.S. consumer preference for drone-delivered products in 2016

U.S. Consumer Preference for Drone-Delivered Products

2016 (percentage)

Note: Based on ReportLinker’s survey of 1,018 online respondents representative of the general U.S. population

Proof Point Findings

  • Drone-Based Deliveries – Delivery option using unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Product Preference – According to ReportLinker, consumers more likely to use drones for delivery of clothes and apparel (27%) and electronics (14%)
  • Medical Drone-Deliveries – Consumers still reluctant to use drones for medical item deliveries, despite big role in medical and humanitarian projects
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include costs and accessibility of products and services, rapidly increasing technological advancements in aviation and logistics, developing regulatory frameworks to support research and development, rising focus on safety and privacy issues, and growing demand for faster and more efficient shipping


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Date Last Updated

June 5, 2017

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