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Smart refrigerators made up just 11% of refrigerators sold online in U.S. in 2018 Q1, with growth stagnant since 2016, according to Adobe

Share of Smart Refrigerators Sold Online in U.S.
2014 – 2018 Q1 (percentage)

Proof Point Findings:
  • Smart Refrigerator – Internet-connected refrigerator with internal camera and additional features, such as setting grocery lists, notifying when food is expired, connecting to smartphone or tablet, and more
  • Minimal Share – Just 11% of refrigerators sold online in U.S. in 2018 Q1 were smart refrigerators, with growth having stagnated from 2016 at 11% and 2017 at 12%
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing functionality, rapid advancements in processor miniaturization, improving network connectivity, more customer personalization or customization, boosts in energy efficiency, and increasing purchasing power of consumers
Accelerator: Internet-of-Things
Sector: Consumer Durables

Date Last Updated: August 13, 2018

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