Sensors In Wrist Wearables

Sensors In Wrist Wearables

Proof Point

National Center for Biotechnology Information researchers found majority or 86% of commercially-available wrist wearables embedded with accelerometers in 2016

Sensors In Wrist Wearables

2016 (percentage of wrist wearables)

Note: Data based on analysis of 140 different wrist wearable devices

Proof Point Findings

  • Wrist Wearables – Electronic devices worn on wrists embedded with sensors to gather and track personal data
  • Most Used Sensors – Most wrist wearables equipped with position or movement-based sensors, such as accelerometer (86%), GPS (28%), gyroscope (26%), compass (19%), etc.
  • Less Used Sensors – Sensors already existing in other mobile devices, such as microphones and cameras, less present in wearables
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include proliferation of wearable devices, continuous expansion of wearable technology applications, increasing miniaturization of sensors and other peripheral components, emergence of new industry players, and growing consumer need to track personal health and fitness data



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June 19, 2017

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