Global AI VC/PE Investments Share by Country

Global AI VC:PE Investments Share by Country

Proof Point

Nearly 62% of global artificial intelligence venture capital and private equity investments went to startups in the United States in 2016

Global AI VC/PE Investments Share by Country

2016 (percentage)

Proof Point Findings

  • Global AI Deal Share – U.S. startups led global artificial intelligence VC/PE investment activity in 2016, with 62% or 406 of 658 total deals
  • Burgeoning AI Hubs – United Kingdom and Israel, considered as emerging hubs for AI startups, received 7% and 4% of total investment deals in 2016, respectively
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include exponentially advancing processing power, proliferation of new learning algorithms, rapidly emerging new entrants, increasing industry demand for automation solutions, and intensifying competition between large tech companies in artificial intelligence


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June 2, 2017

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