GDP at Official Exchange Rates for Top 20 Countries

GDP of Top 20 Countries

Proof Point

According to World Bank forecasts, U.S. will still be biggest economy by GDP in 2030, but China will be very close at #2, and other emerging economies will see upward movement

GDP at Official Exchange Rates for Top 20 Countries

2016 and 2030F (US$ billions)

Note: Switzerland is forecasted to drop to 27th place while Nigeria ranked 26th in 2016.

Proof Point Findings

  • Highly-Centralized Source of Economic Activities – Top 20 economies in 2016 contributed more than $60 trillion, or 80%, to global economy; GDP in 2030 expected to reach $124 trillion, with top 20 economies contributing $98 trillion, or 79%, of entire global GDP
  • Emergence of China and India – China and India, considered emerging economies today, will be among top three economies in 2030
  • Shifting Fortune – U.S. and China accounted for 25% and 15%, respectively, of global economy in 2016; by 2030, U.S. contribution is foreseen to decline to 20% while China's will rise to 18%
  • Exponential Growth – U.S. expected to remain global economic leader in 2030 even though it will increase its GDP by only 38%; China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey and Nigeria are all expected to more than double their GDPs





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March 6, 2018

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