Changes in Customer Engagement by 2020

Changes in Customer Engagement by 2020

Proof Point

Eight in ten C-level executives surveyed by IBM anticipate there will be more digital engagements with customers by 2020

Changes in Customer Engagement by 2020

2015 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on IBM’s Global C-suite Study of 5,247 C-level executives from 21 industries in more than 70 countries around world

Proof Point Findings

  • More Digital Customer Interactions – 81% of executives surveyed by IBM in 2015 think there will be more digital or virtual interactions with customers by 2020, compared to 68% in 2013
  • Less Face-to-Face Engagements – Only 8% of executives believe there will be more face-to-face customer interaction by 2020, down from 20% in 2013
  • Key Drivers – Include availability of quality customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, increased digitization and mobility of services, growing customer expectations for digitized offerings and interactions, and advancements in artificial intelligence used as personal assistants

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