Annual Global Foreign Direct Investment

Annual Global Foreign Direct Investment, 2000 – 2015

Proof Point

Global foreign direct investment continued to recover after dramatic fall following 2009 financial crisis, reaching $2.17 trillion in 2015

Annual Global Foreign Direct Investment

2000 – 2015 (trillion US$ (nominal US$))

Proof Point Findings

  • Global Foreign Direct Investment – Direct investment equity flows into countries, including equity capital, earnings reinvestment, and other capital
  • Annual FDI Growth – Grew from $1.46 trillion in 2000 to $2.17 trillion in 2015, an annual growth of 2%
  • 2009 Financial Crisis – Caused global FDI to fall dramatically from peak $3.07 trillion in 2007 to $1.36 trillion in 2009 due to multinational companies' liquidity constraints, economic recession, and asset managers' preference for safer assets over higher-risk investments
  • Key Drivers – Include increased company ability to conduct cross-border operations, improving economic performance, foreign policy changes, market growth potential, rising income levels, and ease of doing business in target locations



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March 2, 2017

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