3D printing company Digital Metal produced two new superalloy grades, DM 247 and DM 625, for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications

September 10, 2019

  • New Superalloy Grades – Digital Metal developed two new superalloy grades, DM 247 and DM 625, that can withstand extreme environments like high heat and stress
  • Binder Jetting Technology – Prints material without applying heat while separate sintering process minimizes thermal gradients during cooling
  • Problem Solved – Allows 3D printers to use non-weldable materials, which was problem of 3D printing techniques that use heat
  • Applications – DM 247 used for turbine blades with DM 625 for seawater applications, chemical processing equipment, and other uses in aerospace, automotive and industrial segments
  • Testing – Both alloys underwent rigorous in-house testing to ensure applicability to customer needs

Image Source: Digital Metal

Image Source: Digital Metal

Sectors: Industrial Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics
Functions: Operations, Manufacturing and Production, Research and Development
Organization: Digital Metal

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