Willingness to Ride Self-Driving Vehicles

Willingness to Ride Self-Driving Vehicles

Proof Point

Global Accenture survey found younger consumers more willing to ride self-driving vehicles than older generations

Willingness to Ride Self-Driving Vehicles

2018 (percentage of global respondents by age)

Note: Data based on Accenture’s 2018 Digital Consumer Survey of 21,000 online consumers from 19 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Self-Driving Vehicle – Vehicle capable of sensing environment and navigating without human input; also known as autonomous vehicle (AV)
  • Overall Willingness – Majority (54%) of online consumers in global Accenture survey willing to ride in driverless vehicle, with level higher among males from upper income class
  • Early Young Adopters – 71% of teenagers aged 14-17 indicate high willingness to ride in self-driving cars, followed by 61% of young adults aged 18-34
  • Reluctant Older Generation – Just 37% of respondents aged 55 and older open to become passenger in autonomous vehicle
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include potential introduction of commercial AVs in near future, rapidly improving AV technologies, deployment of semi-autonomous driving features in current cars, and easing government regulations to test driverless vehicles on public roads



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Date Last Updated

March 20, 2018

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