U.S. Total Installed Solar Photovoltaic Capacity

U.S. Total Installed Solar Photovoltaic Capacity, 2014 – 2050F

Proof Point

U.S. Energy Information Adminstration expects installed solar PV capacity to reach 374 GW by 2050 from 16 GW in 2014, an annual growth of 9%

U.S. Total Installed Solar Photovoltaic Capacity

2014 – 2050F (gigawatts)

Proof Point Findings

  • Solar Installed Photovoltaic Capacity – Maximum output of solar PV cells, including commercial and residential distributed modules, as well as utility-scale installations, and excluding solar thermal facilities and off-grid installations
  • U.S. Solar PV Capacity Growth – Anticipated to grow 9% annually between 2014 and 2050, expanding to 374 GW from 16 GW in 2014
  • Renewable Capacity Share – Expected to increase from 12% of total in 2015 to 56% by 2050, with residential and commercial solar PV adoption driving significant growth
  • Strong Government Support – Limits market barriers and drives significant cost reduction, as well as performance and efficiency improvements, through tax incentives, investments and grants (e.g. Solar America Initiative, SunShot Initiative, Section 1603), construction mandates (i.e. Renewable Portfolio Standards) and net energy metering laws



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March 2, 2017

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