2015 Top 10 Country Patent Filing Offices

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Proof Point

China and U.S. patent filing offices received combined 1.69 million applications in 2015, or 58% of world total

2015 Top 10 Country Patent Filing Offices

Proof Point Findings

  • Filing Office – Country where patent applications were filed, regardless of filer's country of origin
  • Patent Grants – Filing offices worldwide collectively granted patents to 1.24 million or 43% of 2.9 million total applications in 2015
  • China and U.S. Leaders – Received more than 58% of total applications and granted 53% patents combined
  • Key Drivers – Include increased organizational effort to protect intellectual properties as competition heightens and pace of innovation exponentially increases, as well as growing internationalization of patent filing as businesses increasingly penetrate markets abroad

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March 2, 2017

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