U.S. Employment Rate by Gender

U.S. Employment Rate by Sex-1

Proof Point

U.S. employment by gender returned to pre-2009 financial crisis level in 2016, with women and men employed at comparable levels

U.S. Employment Rate by Gender

2007 – 2016 (percentage of U.S. workforce)

Proof Point Findings

  • Employment Rate – Percentage of labor force, aged 16 and over, who worked for at least one hour as paid employees or business owners, and those who worked for at least 15 hours as unpaid workers in enterprise owned by other family members
  • U.S. Aggregate Employment Rate – Attained pre-financial crisis level of 95%, after falling significantly to 90% in 2010
  • Employment by Gender – Average employment rate in last 10 years higher among women than men, by about 1% margin, particularly during and after the 2009 financial crisis
  • 2009 Financial Crisis – Affected both genders negatively, with men experiencing bigger decline than women, falling by six percentage points in 2010 from 95% in 2007
  • Key Dependencies – Include technology displacements brought about by business process automation, shifting job skill requirements, growing millennial population in workplace, increasing company consciousness to build diverse teams, proliferation of gender-sensitive work cultures, and other economic and labor policies to be implemented by Trump administration

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March 14, 2017

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