U.S. Consumer Technology Adoption

Proof Point

The pace of adoption for new consumer technologies has accelerated rapidly

U.S. Consumer Technology Adoption

(number of years to achieve 25% penetration and introduction year)

Proof Point Findings

  • Technology Adoption – Years for new technology to penetrate 25% of population, signifying widespread acceptance
  • Accelerating Adoption Pace – Adoption of new major technologies sped up dramatically, from 46 years for electricity to 26 for televisions, 13 for mobile phones, and just three years for smartphones
  • Significant Internet Role – Increased adoption pace amplified by Internet, as sharing, communicating and consuming content became easier than ever
  • Other Key Drivers – Include prevalence of digital natives receptive to new technologies, increasing network connectivity, proliferation of low-cost alternatives, and expanding technology product capabilities



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Date Last Updated

June 26, 2017

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