Selected Companies Racial Workforce Diversity

Selected Companies Racial Workforce Diversity

Proof Point

Amazon most racially diverse workplace among selected big tech companies, with most having white or Asian-dominated workforces

Selected Companies Racial Workforce Diversity

2016 (percentage)

Proof Point Findings

  • Most Racially Diverse – Amazon most racially diverse workforce, with 52% coming from non-white racial backgrounds, while Microsoft least diverse with only 42%
  • Highest Asian Shares – Facebook (38%), Uber (34%), and Google (33%) have most percentage of Asian employees
  • Most Hispanic and Black Representation – Amazon and Apple hold most percentage of Hispanic employees with 13% and 12% shares respectively, as well as black employees with 21% and 9% share
  • Key Drivers – Include public pressure to diversify workplace, increasing competencies of women and minorities, potential implementation of diversity policies, and hiring of diversity and inclusion experts in company leadership

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Date Last Updated

August 25, 2017

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