Reasons For Cutting Pay TV Service

Reasons For Cutting Pay TV Service

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Expensive price top reason for cutting Pay TV service, according to majority (80%) of respondents surveyed by TIVO in Q4 2016

Reasons For Cutting Pay TV Service

2016 Q4 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on TIVO’s Q4 2016 survey of 3,079 U.S. and Canada respondents, aged 18 years and above

Proof Point Findings

  • Pay TV Service – Subscription-based television service, available through cable and satellite television
  • Top Factor Price – Price cited by four out of five survey respondents as determining factor for cutting pay TV service in 2016 Q4
  • On-Demand Streaming as Substitute – Popularity of on-demand streaming service as substitute for pay TV also highlighted as key factor with 48%, with other value provided to consumers also highlighted, including ability to binge watch (19%) and access to exclusive content (11%)
  • Key Drivers – Include proliferation of streaming platforms offering different kind of viewing experience, improving home and mobile network connectivity, availability of low-cost alternatives, and increasing capability of on-demand streaming service providers to produce high-quality exclusive content



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