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Cost efficiency and ease of finding talent needed identified by U.S. companies as top reasons for hiring more freelancers in 2018, according to Upwork

Primary Reasons for Using More Freelancers in 2018
2017 (percentage)

Note: Data from Upwork and Inavero’s 2018 Future Workforce Report Survey of 1,005 workforce hiring decision-makers in U.S., administered between November 8 and 15, 2017
Proof Point Findings:
  • Freelancers – Self-employed segment of labor force, working with clients on contractual or temporary basis
  • Financial Benefit – Upwork study found cost efficiency as top primary reason for U.S. companies to use more freelancers in 2018
  • Skills and Flexibility ­– Ease of finding needed talent (24%) and more flexible hiring process (19%) also identified by U.S. companies as other top reasons for hiring more freelancers
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include increasing dependence of companies on external staff, accelerating company return on flexible talent employment, and rising employee demand for intangible freelancing benefits, such as time and location flexibility, as well as work variety
Sector: Cross-sector

Date Last Updated: October 1, 2018

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