Industrial Robot Shipments in North America per Industry

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Industrial robot shipments in North America reached 35,800 in 2018, with biggest share from automotive components, according to Robotic Industries Association (RIA)

Industrial Robot Shipments in North America per Industry

2018 (thousand units)

Proof Point Findings

  • North American Robots – RIA found industrial robot shipments in North America increased 7% from 2017 to reach 35,880 in 2018, of which 28,478 were shipped to U.S.
  • Automotive Top Industry – Automotive components led shipments with 13,900 units in 2018, distantly followed by automotive (5,200 units), making up 53% of total shipments
  • Automation Adoption – Small and medium-sized companies are catching up on robotics use to automate their process to compete in global scale
  • Key Growth Drivers — Recovering automotive industry, expansion of robots to new industries, and growing demand for energy-efficient manufacturing systems, increases in productivity, improvement in work quality and flexible work processes



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March 7, 2019

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