Global Machine-to-Machine Connections

Global Machine-to-Machine Connections
Global Machine-to-Machine Connections

Proof Point

Cisco expects machine-to-machine connections to increase 20% annually from 6 billion in 2017 to 15 billion by 2022

Global Machine-to-Machine Connections

2015 – 2022F (billions)

Note: Includes wearables with embedded cellular connectivity

Proof Point Findings

  • Machine-to-Machine Connections – Entities that track and measure real-time data which can be used for analytics and developing actionable insights to optimize quality of life (e.g. home and office security and automation, smart metering and utilities, maintenance, building automation, automotive, healthcare and consumer electronics, wearable devices, etc.)
  • M2M Growth – Cisco forecasts M2M connections to increase from 6 billion in 2017 to 16 billion by 2022, at yearly rate of 20%
  • Relative Size – Will constitute 51% of estimated 29 billion connected devices by 2022
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include potential business upside, real-time acquisition and monitoring of data, proliferation of low-cost IoT devices, and network improvements



Healthcare/Health Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing, Information Technology


Date Last Updated

January 16, 2019

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