Global E-Waste Quantity

Proof Point

Global electronic waste expected to grow annually by 5%, reaching 55 million tons by 2018 or 14.8 pounds per inahbitant

Global E-Waste Quantity

2010 – 2018F (million tons and pounds per inhabitant)

Proof Point Findings

  • Electronic Waste Definition — Covers electric and electronic equipments and peripherals discarded as waste without intent of re-use; includes household and business items with circuitry or power supply
  • Continuous Growth — Global e-waste quantity estimated to reach 55 million tons by 2018 from 37 million tons in 2010, an annual rate of 5%
  • E-waste per Inhabitant — Forecasted to reach 15 pounds per inhabitant per year from 11 pounds in 2011
  • Regional E-waste Generation — Asia generated most e-waste in 2014 with 17.6 metric tons, followed by Europe and America, both with more than 12 metric tons
  • Key Drivers — Include rapid technological innovation and shortening product life spans





Date Last Updated

March 6, 2017

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