Data Privacy Breach vs. Cyberattack Overview

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Data privacy breaches involve mishandling of data by authorized parties, while cyberattacks are intentional penetration of systems

Data Privacy Breach vs. Cyberattack Overview

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Data Privacy Breach

  • Definition – Inappropriate handling of data, whether intended or unintended, leading to exposure in an unauthorized environment
  • Persons Involved – Include regular employees, authorized third-party firms, and legitimate organizations
  • Selected Examples – Include selling or distribution of confidential data to third-party without consent, lost devices containing sensitive information, and incorrect on-premise or cloud system set-up


  • Definition – Malicious attack on vulnerabilities of computer systems, networks, Internet applications, or devices to gain illegal access to data or cause disruption
  • Persons Involved – Include hackers, unauthorized personnel and identity thieves
  • Selected Examples – Include viruses, worms, trojan horses, botnets, spyware, and phishing sites





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June 25, 2018

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