Average Battery Pack Price

Average Battery Pack Price

Proof Point

Average cost of electric vehicle’s battery pack projected to fall from $1,000 per kwh in 2010 to $100 by 2030

Average Battery Pack Price

2010 – 2030F (US$/kilowatt-hour (kwh))

Proof Point Findings

  • Continuous Cost Reduction – Declined 22% annually, from$1,000/kwh in 2010 to $227/kwh in 2016
  • Future Battery Price – McKinsey forecasts price to fall below $200/kwh by 2020 and below $100/kwh by 2030
  • Key Drivers – Include advancing research and development in electric vehicle technologies, improving battery efficiency, better electric vehicle range, boosts in energy density, economies of scale in manufacturing, and expansion of production capacity



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Date Last Updated

January 11, 2018

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