Top Challenges for Talent Developers

Top Challenges for Talent Developers

Proof Point

Talent developers in LinkedIn survey identified limited employee time and budget, as well as lack of manager support as top challenges to employee training programs in 2018

Top Challenges for Talent Developers

2017 – 2018 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on LinkedIn survey of 4,000 professionals worldwide, including 1,200 learning and development or human resources professionals, 400 people managers, 200 executives, and 2,200 learners from North America, Europe, and Asia. Getting managers involved and employee growth mindset were only included in 2018 survey.

Proof Point Findings

  • Limited Resources – Limited resources, such as employee time (44%), budget (32%), and size of leadership and development team (24%) hindering implementation of employee training programs in 2018, according to talent developers surveyed by LinkedIn
  • Manager and Employee Participation – Lack of manager support (41%) and employee growth mindset (26%) also seen as challenges for talent developers
  • Key Drivers – Include increasingly shifting work requirements, greater spending on corporate training programs, expanding accessibility of online learning platforms, and lack of workers with up-to-date and specialized skills

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