Skills Employers Look for in Developers

Skills Employers Look for in Developers
Skills Employers Look for in Developers

Proof Point

Most (95%) employers in HackerRank survey look for problem solving skills in new developer hires, ahead of technical skills

Skills Employers Look for in Developers

2018 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on survey of 39,441 developers from HackerRank community. HackerRank is a job matching platform connecting 3.2 million developers to potential jobs.

Proof Point Findings

  • Problem Solving – Most (95%) employers surveyed by HackerRank hire developers for problem solving skills, ahead of technical skills
  • Programming Proficiency – More than half (57%) of employers look for proficiency in programming languages, with 24% also hiring for knowledge of frameworks
  • Design Skills – Employers want new hires to also have system design (40%) and database design (21%) skills
  • Other Coding Skills – Employers also looking for debugging (47%), performance optimization (36%), code review (36%), and testing (35%) skills
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include heightened demand for developers and coding skills among employers, continuous digitization of processes across industries, and increased competition for talent among technology and non-technology firms

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