Industries with Highest Potential for New Job Creation

Industries with Highest Potential for New Job Creation

Proof Point

According to surveyed Citi clients, information technology, industrials and healthcare top industries perceived to create most jobs in future

Industries with Highest Potential for New Job Creation

2016 (percentage of respondents)

Note: Data based on Citi Research’s survey of 238 institutional clients across different sectors

Proof Point Findings

  • New Job Creators – Information technology (24%), industrials (19%), and health and medical (14%) perceived to create most number of jobs in future, leading to demand for new skills
  • IT Sector Composition – Among IT sector, general function (41%) will drive most new jobs, followed by Big Data and artificial intelligence (30%), software coding (17%), and Internet-of-Things and sensors (12%)
  • Industrial Sector Composition – Automotive (26%) and robotics (24%) perceived as primary creators of jobs in industrials, followed by 3D printing (16%), and transportation (10%)
  • Key Drivers – Include growing company adoption of technology-enabled applications (e.g. Internet-of-Things, Big Data, and artificial intelligence) that require unique set of skills, continuous expansion of Internet and digital economy, and increasing ability of entrepreneurs to establish new companies

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Healthcare/Health Sciences, Industrial Manufacturing, Information Technology


Date Last Updated

May 26, 2017

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