Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic

Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic

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Mobile data traffic expected to hit 77 exabytes per month by 2022, growing 52.6% annually since 2015

Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic

2015 – 2022F (exabytes)

Note: Forecast includes only cellular traffic, and excludes traffic from Wi-Fi and low-powered cellular networks

Proof Point Findings

  • Mobile Data Traffic – Includes cellular traffic only, excluding data traffic from Wi-Fi networks and low-powered cellular networks
  • Exabyte Definition – Equivalent to one billion gigabytes, or more than 500 times size of all text, audio, video and other digital materials held by US Library of Congress
  • Global Monthly Mobile Data Traffic – Estimated to grow almost 53% annually from four exabytes in 2015 to 77 exabytes in 2022
  • Relative Size – Forecasted 2022 monthly mobile traffic equivalent to content on 77 million computers with fully-loaded one terabyte hard drives
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include continued optimization of network connectivity, increasing number of network-enabled mobile devices, and explosion of mobile applications and their expanding functionalities





Date Last Updated

January 16, 2019

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