Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in Selected Countries

Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in Selected Countries

Proof Point

Cryptocurrency ownership in countries surveyed by ING ranged from 4% to 18% in 2018, with another 10% to 45% of population expressing plans to own in the future

Global Cryptocurrency Ownership in Selected Countries

March – April 2018 (percentage)

Note: Data from ING study of 14,828 across 15 nations (Europe, U.S. and Australia) on March to April 2018

Proof Point Findings

  • Cryptocurrency – Digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to regulate generation and verify transfer, independent from any central bank
  • 2018 Ownership – Turkey leads cryptocurrency ownership among all countries surveyed by ING in 2018 with 18%, followed by Romania (12%), Poland (11%) and Spain (10%)
  • Investment Plans – More consumers in all countries surveyed also plans to own cryptocurrency in future, with Turkey still in the lead with 45% planning to invest
  • Luxembourg Low Numbers – Only 4% of Luxembourg's population own cryptocurrency in 2018, however another 13% expressed intention to do so in future
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include rapidly-increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies as a new investment class, growing consumer interest in fiat currency alternatives, and proliferation of businesses that accept cryptocurrencies to complete transactions


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January 16, 2019

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