Global Average Cryptocurrency Transactional Value

Global Average Cryptocurrency Transactional Value

Proof Point

University of Cambridge found highest average cryptocurrency transactions came from B2B payments

Global Average Cryptocurrency Transactional Value

2017 (US$)

Note: Data from University of Cambridge’s Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study of 144 cryptocurrency organizations and individual miners across 38 countries

Proof Point Findings

  • Cryptocurrency – Digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography to regulate generation and verify transfer, independent from any central bank
  • Business Payments – Highest cryptocurrency transactions exchanged between businesses, with average $1,878 in 2017
  • Consumer Transfers – Consumer transactions considerably lower than B2B, with peer-to-peer transfers averaging $351 and consumer payments at $210
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include proliferation of cryptocurrencies and related service providers, growing number of merchants and businesses accepting cryptocurrencies, and increasing public and company interest in traditional currency alternatives


Market Disruption


Cross-sector, Financial Services


Date Last Updated

September 5, 2017

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