Annual Global Clean Energy Investment by Sector

Annual Global Clean Energy Investment by Sector

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Global clean energy investment increased 14% annually from $62 billion in 2004 to $333 billion in 2017, with solar primarily driving growth

Annual Global Clean Energy Investment by Sector

2007 – 2017 (US$ billions)

Note: "Energy technology" includes investment in R&D, battery storage as well as grid integration and distribution systems, while "Others" includes small hydro, biomass, biofuels, geothermal and marine energy

Proof Point Findings

  • Clean Energy Investment – Total amount invested in different sectors of clean energy technologies, including projects, R&D, equipment manufacturing, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Global Clean Energy Investment Growth – Increased 13.8% annually from $62 billion in 2007 to $333 billion in 2017
  • Growing Solar Power – Solar power holds largest investment share among all sources, with $161 billion or 48% of total in 2017, and has moved to being biggest sector since 2011
  • Other Sectors – Wind power follows with $107 billion (32%), then energy smart technology with $49 billion (15%) in 2017
  • Key Growth Drivers – Include continuing strong commitment from countries, especially from emerging ones, enforcement of CO2 emission reduction targets set by international treaties such as the Paris agreement, and increasing interest from private equity and venture capital firms in renewable technology companies



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January 16, 2019

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