Washington, D.C. City Council unanimously passed law requiring city to be 100% powered by renewables by 2032

January 11, 2019

  • 100% Renewables by 2032 – City Council of Washington, D.C., unanimously voted to pass law requiring city to get 100% of its power needs from renewable sources solar and wind by 2032, up from current 50% goal
  • Energy Efficient Buildings – In addition, city will create energy efficiency standards for buildings, as buildings comprise 74% of city’s greenhouse gas emissions
  • Emissions Reduction – New mandate will help reduce city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 44% by 2032
  • Gas Consumption Fees – Will also impose fees on electricity and natural gas consumption that could add $2.10 to average monthly gas bills and less than $1 to monthly electricity bills
  • Beneficiaries – Collected fees will be used to provide financial help to low-income households and fund sustainability projects, particularly energy efficiency retrofits
  • Energy Mix – City consumes half of electricity from non-emitting sources, including nuclear, hydropower, biomass, solar and wind, but it does not generate its own electricity, meaning it will have to purchase renewable energy from outside of city to comply with mandate
District of Columbia

Image Source: Wikipedia

District of Columbia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Sector: Energy
Organization: Council of the District of Columbia

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